Emilia Romagna Cheese tour

The tour for real cheese lovers

Olive oil and wine hiking

A plaesant hike among olive trees and a stroll in the past, surrounded by genuine food.

Truffle tour

Great news in Bologna Gourmet!

We are offering a truffle hunting tour in the Emilia-Romagna hills.

Two days traditional Emilia tour

On this tour we can go further than on a one-day trip: we will reach Giuseppe Verdi's lands and the production area of Culatello.


We’ll make an early morning start by car to visit a producer of Parmesan cheese and discover all the stages of its production, from the arrival of the milk to the creation of the cheese itself. At the end of the visit we’ll be able to sample their products.

The tour continues with a visit to a ham producer near Langhirano, where we’ll be able to see the complete process that the leg of pork undergoes from its arrival through all the various stages of maturing which we’ll be able to assess during the visit.

After the visit we’ll be able to enjoy a hearty, traditional lunch, with all the company’s products and homemade cakes. Alternatively you can choose to have lunch in a nearby winery where, after the visit, we will taste their wines and the traditional pasta of the area.

After lunch we will continue our tour to Felino, famous for the production of salami, where we can visit a traditional producer.

In the afternoon we will be in Parma, a magnificent ducal town, full of art and history. We will have dinner and stay overnight in the surrounding countryside. The area is rich in both traditional and Michelin starred restaurants, the choice will be left to the customer's preferences.

The next morning we depart toward the Polesine Parmense area, stopping at Giuseppe Verdi’s home in Busseto, or at the Rocca di Soragna or at the castle of Roccabianca, depending on your preferences. Upon our arrival in Polesine we will visit one of the most distinctive producers of Culatello of the area, a craftsman who supplies the most famous restaurants in the world and even for Prince Charles of England. We will have lunch in their luxury restaurant and visit the impressive culatelli maturing cellars.

In the afternoon we will go back to Modena to visit a producer of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar where we will learn the history of this ancient tradition led by women, made of with patience and seasonality. During the tasting we will immediately understand the enormous difference between an industrial product and this precious craftsmanship.

The return to Bologna is scheduled for late afternoon.


The oldest taverns in Bologna by bike

An historic and gourmet tour by bike, out of the paths

Looking for the perfect gelato

This tour can either be walking or on bike, so that we can go outside the paths.


Bologna is also the city of gelato: it is home to one of the most important ice cream production companies, Carpigiani, and for two years now has housed the Gelato Museum, located right inside the company factory, which is situated just outside Bologna.

During our tour in the city we will go in search of the best gelaterie in the city center, and we will talk about quality, ingredients, and technique. On each stop we will have a small tasting of the most famous flavors offered by that manufacturer, or you can ask for whichever flavor you like.

You will have the opportunity of finding the best hidden gelato makers in town with a passionate foodie local guide!
During our special walking tour, along with eating our 4 gelato cups, I will tell you everything about Bologna, its history, its food and its traditions.

In the afternoon, upon request, you can also visit the Carpigiani Gelato Museum, where there will be the opportunity to attend a mini course taught by a master gelato maker from the same company.


You can choose among:

. A simple museum visit and a tasting
. A 90 minute demonstration class
. A 2 and a half-hour masterclass 

Déjeuner sur l’herbe

For those who love nature and the outdoors, we can arrange a complete picnic on the hills surrounding Bologna


Bologna is surrounded by beautiful green hills!

If you love nature and the outdoors we can arrange an all-inclusive picnic with all the cozy aspects included (not only the luscious basket!).

You can combine it with bike rentals for a wonderful day cycling through nature.


Bachelorette parties (or even bachelor!)

A morning of fun with the closest friends, learning how to make fresh handmade pasta!

In ancient times, taverns were places prohibited to women, where only men went to drinking and playing cards with friends.

Over time they became places where you could have simple dishes, but now they have become increasingly sophisticated,t and some of them have even become real gourmet restaurants (like Osteria Francescana in Modena).

We will go in search of places that have remained close to how they were in the past, starting with the oldest in Italy, Osteria del Sole, where they still serve only exclusively wine and the customers bring their own food, maybe bought in the shops nearby the Medieval Market.

Our tour will also take us to the Osteria where the famous local singer Francesco Guccini used to meet with all the other Bolognese musicians.

Our trip will end with a festive lunch in an osteria!

Winery tours: Pignoletto or Lambrusco

We offer you 2 wine tours: Pignoletto in Bologna Hills and Lambrusco in the province of Modena.


The typical local wine in Bologna Hills is Pignoletto, a white wine that can be still or sparkling, a perfect choice of drink with appetizers.

The area of Colli Bolognesi has plenty of producers that we can visit and have a satisfying tasting of their excellent wines and typical food.

Our tour starts at 10am, departing from Bologna city center, to reach the wine-growing district of Colli Bolognesi, where the Pignoletto is the main vine.

We will visit two companies, where you can have a little wine tasting at each stage, to finish the morning in a third cellar where, in addition to the tasting of their wines, we will have a great lunch with our world famous local products.
The tour is led by an AIS sommelier and provides private shuttles.

In the area of Modena, instead, we are in the realm of the Lambrusco, with its three traditional varieties Sorbara, Grasparossa and Salamino. We can even find some cellars that make a local version of champagne.

As for the Pignoletto, we will visit two companies where you can have a little wine tasting at each stage, to finish the morning in a third cellar where, in addition to the tasting of their wines, we will have a great lunch with our world famous local products.
Even in this case, the tour is guided by a professional sommelier that will lead you to the best cellars of the area.

Romagna between land and sea

Romagna is a world apart, split between land and sea, and has excellent food products of every kind...


The first thing that comes to mind is the piadina, the fish, and the homemade pasta eaten in excellent family run restaurants. Olive oil from Brisighella, formaggio di fossa (cheese matured in pits), raviggiolo cheese, and sweet sea salt from Cervia, local shallots, and many different types of long forgotten fruit from Casola Valsenio.

The best wine is Sangiovese and there is also Pagadebit, Trebbiano and Bursòn.

We can visit Cervia rich with salt marshes and beaches, Rimini full of Roman ruins and the castles, Brisighella, a charming little town with a covered road called Via degli Asini, or we can even go to Sogliano sul Rubicone for the opening of the pits, enjoying the wonderful pecorino cheese.

The tour can be tailored to suit the individual requests and interests of the participants who can choose between land and sea.


Exclusive mortadella tour

A rare opportunity to visit a mortadella factory in Bologna that opens only for us

Emilia, Land of Motors

A special tour for motor sport and gourmet enthusiasts


For history and motor sport enthusiasts, we have a tour to the Motor Valley that should not be missed, where both high-powered cars and motor cycles are manufactured.

There is a long tradition of motor sports In Emilia Romagna, where we can find car manufacturers such as Ferrari (we can visit both the Museum and the Drake house), Lamborghini, Maserati, Dallara, Pagani, Zonda and also Ducati, for diehard bikers.

We can visit all of these companies’ museums. Some of them are open to public, others are private collections which only open for us upon request.

Of course these visits can also be accompanied by different types of tastings, especially balsamic vinegar, Lambrusco or Parmigiano, according to the area.

The province of Parma and its ham, castles and small towns

We can visit some of the castles in the area between Parma and Piacenza, and the wonderful small producers of cold meats.


The area between Parma and Piacenza has a deep history of history and plenty of castles, almost all of which can be visited.

We’ll make an early start to visit one of the castles near Parma and also one of the producers of the famous salame di Felino, where we can try some of their products.

The tour continues with a visit to a ham producer (Prosciutto di Parma is the best in the world!) where we will see the complete process that the leg of pork undergoes from its arrival through all the various stages of maturing which we can visit.

After the company tour we’ll enjoy a hearty, traditional lunch, with homemade pasta specialties from Parma and all the company’s products.

In the afternoon there will either be the choice to visit Parma, the Royal Palace of Colorno, the Magnani Rocca Foundation, or one of the other magnificent castles in the area.


Between Modena and Parma: Parmesan cheese, Parma ham and balsamic vinegar

This is our most popular tour during which you can visit the producers of the best typical products of the Region


We’ll have an early morning start by car to visit a producer of Parmigiano Reggiano where we have the rare opportunity to see how the cheese is made, from the arrival of milk to the production of the big cheese wheels.
We will also visit their storage facilities that houses over a dozen of different cheeses and will then have a tasting.

The tour will continue with a visit to a Parma ham producer (Prosciutto di Parma is the best in the world!) where we will see the complete process that a pork leg undergoes from its arrival through all the various stages of maturation.

After the company tour we will enjoy a hearty, traditional lunch, with homemade pasta, specialties from Parma, and all the company’s products.

If you like wine we can add a visit to a nearby winery, where we can enjoy a nice lunch with a tasting of 3 of their wines.

Later we'll go to Modena’s countryside to visit a Traditional Balsamic Vinegar site (under the roof), learn how the families make it in the barrels for 25 years and have a guided tasting of the different vinegars in the impressive historic cellar to understand the astonishing difference between rural and industrial production of balsamic vinegar. with the industrial one. We will return in the afternoon.


The hills between Bologna and Modena: wine cellars, truffles and small cheese producers

A tour on the hills among treasures of food and art.


The area between Modena and Bologna is a real treasure trove of where you can find the typical food products and a great variety of regional wines.

The abbey of Monteveglio, the fortresses of Bazzano and Vignola, and the modern art collection of Cà la Ghironda offer exceptional cultural opportunities on any given tour; for real foodies there is a vast selection from numerous wines of the “Colli Bolognesi” producers, to cow’s milk and goat milk and cheese, to salame producers, to cherries in springtime and  seasonal truffles and chestnuts. 

In November there is the Truffle Festival in Savigno, where many restaurants offer special menus and where you can buy this precious product.

This tour can be tailored to suit the participants’ individual requests and interests.

The province of Bologna: Dozza, the Regional Wine Cellar and other cellars

This is an half day tour.


In the morning we leave for Dozza, a small hill town characterized by a fascinating ancient fortress.

The town’s most outstanding feature are the walls of the houses, which are decorated with paintings by artists from all over the world.

After a short visit of to this small town we’ll make a stop at the Emilia Romagna Regional Wine Cellars, housed right inside this fortress. The Enoteca brings together all the wines of our region and upon request we can taste some of them, accompanied by some of the typical food products.

The morning ends with a visit to a renowned local producer, where we will discover their great wines and have a light lunch during the tasting.


Chocolate and Coffee Tour in the heart of Bologna

An interesting and energizing tour in the center of Bologna!

Bologna, Mercato di Mezzo and Mercato delle Erbe

Through a tour in an ancient medieval market we’ll become familiar with high quality products and fresh handmade pasta.

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