Bologna has also an ancient tradition linked to chocolate and coffee.

We will start the tour at 10 with breakfast at a famous coffee place, where they host more than 8 types of espresso. We can have a guided tasting of different coffees or cappuccinos, together with a small taste of croissants or bread wih butter and jam.

After this nice wake-me-up breakfast , we will head off to a producer of excellent handmade chocolate, who creates absolutely anything with chocolate, from greetings cards and layered squares of chocolate to his enormous half spheres of hazelnut chocolate, but the signature product is his unbeatable truffle!

The largest chocolate producer in Bologna is Majani, founded in 1796 and renowned all over the world for their invention of Fiat chocolates at the start of the 20th century and later of a type of chocolate known as Scorza, which resembles the bark of a tree. In the last few years they have also created tortellini shaped chocolate. We will visit their historic shop and be able to try some of their specialties.

The last stop on our tour is another place that hosts many different kinds of coffee. Here we can learn a litle bit more about this precious liquid and we will taste another espresso!

For those who want to broaden their knowledge on coffee, in the afternoon we can add a tasting with a visit to a roasting company.

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