In this tour we could go farer than in a one day trip.

We’ll make an early morning start by car to visit a producer of Parmesan cheese and discover all the stages of its production, from the arrival of the milk to the creation of the cheese itself. At the end of the visit we can taste their products.

The tour continues with a visit to a Parma ham producer near Langhirano, where we can see the complete process that the leg of pork undergoes from its arrival through all the various stages of maturing which we’ll be able to assess during the visit.

After the visit we’ll have a hearty, traditional lunch, with all the company’s products and homemade cakes. Alternatively you can choose to have lunch in a nearby winery where, after the visit, we will taste their wines and the traditiona freshl pasta typical of the area.

In the afternoon we will be in Parma, magnificent ducal town, full of art and history. We will have dinner and overnight in the surrounding countryside. The area is rich in traditional and Michelin starred restaurants, the choice will be left to the customer's preferences.

The next morning we depart towards the Polesine Parmense area, stopping at Giuseppe Verdi’s home in Busseto, or at the Rocca di Soragna or at the castle of Roccabianca, depending on your preferences. Upon our arrival in Polesine we will visit one of the most distinctive producers of Culatello of the area, a craftsman who supplies the most famous restaurants in the world and even Prince Charles of England. We will have lunch in their luxury restaurant and visit the impressive culatelli maturing cellars.

In the afternoon we will go back to Modena to visit a producer of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar where we will learn the history of this ancient tradition led by women, made of patience and seasonality. During the tasting we will immediately understand the enormous difference between an industrial product and this precious craftsmanship.

The return to Bologna is scheduled in the late afternoon.

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