Bologna is also the city of gelato: it is home to one of the most important companies producing machines for ice cream, Carpigiani, and since a few years houses the Gelato Museum, inside the company factory, situated just outside Bologna.

Our tour in the city will go in search of the best gelaterie that are located in the center, talking about quality, ingredients and technique. In each stop we will make a small tasting of the most famous flavour of that manufacturer, or you can ask for the flavour you like, or we can decide to try the same flavour everywhere.

In the afternoon, on request, you can also visit the Carpigiani Gelato Museum, where there will be the opportunity to attend a mini course taught by a master gelato maker from the same company.

You can choose among:

. A simple museum visit and a tasting
. A demonstration class of 90 minutes
. A masterclass of 2 hours and 30’

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